For some reason a lot of companies think comma-separated values (csv) file is the best way to send data to their client and it probably is for most use cases, because it enables the receiving party to work with the file no matter what. You can import it to Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, Open Office or even... use it from you text editor. BUT they are a chore to work with in my opinion, because apparently nobody knows what it means and nearly nobody, especially in Germany is use a comma to sperate a COMMA separated values file.

Combine multiple csvs into one file

It's literally 1 command on Windows or on Mac.  Let's get everything ready.

  • Download your csv files and put them all in one folder. If possible somewhere you will find later on.
  • Open the command-line or Terminal
    • On Windows open the command-line interpreter (CMD), just press ⊞ Win+R and type "cmd"
    • On Mac you will need to open Terminal, you can run it from Applications/Utilites/Terminal

Combine your csv files on Windows

Use the command-line tool to navigate to the folder using cd and the copy command.

cd C:\Users\username\Downloads\mycsvs\
copy *.csv combine.csv

Combine your csv files on macOS

Use the Terminal to navigate to the folder using cd and the cat command.

cd ~/Downloads/mycsvs
cat *.csv > combine.csv